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Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Faculty & Staff Resources

First, thank you for being engaged in the student evaluation of teaching. SETs are a part of how American University continues to maintain and improve the quality of our courses and instruction. Below is an overview of the process but if you have further questions or concerns please see our Faculty and Staff FAQs or email the SET team at

Altering the Timing of Surveys
  • The timing for the distribution of and deadline for surveys can be managed in Blue by instructors through the Subject View Management (SVM) tasks. This allows instructors to change the date the survey is available to students, as well as view response rates. This task becomes available approximately 30 days before the end of the semester.
  • The default start and end date are determined by the duration of the course and section (in calendar days).
  • By default, most surveys will close on the last section meeting date prior to final exams week.
  • If you do alter the timing of the surveys, do note that they must close prior to final grades being submitted.
  • For instructions on changing the default dates, please read the SET Instructions.
Adding Questions to Surveys
  • Instructors can add personalized questions BEFORE the survey goes live to students using Question Personalization (QP) tasks. This task cannot be done after surveys are active/distributed to students.
  • For detailed instructions on entering personalized questions, please read the SET Instructions.
Administering the Surveys
  • We strongly recommend instructors allow students to respond to the SET during class time. Instructors who used class time had the highest response rates in the pilot.
  • Instructors should inform students in advance that time will be allotted during class, and students should be encouraged to bring laptops, tablets, or other Internet-enabled devices.
  • Instructors must leave the room while students are responding to the surveys.
  • For more detailed instructions on administering surveys during the class, including some best practices advice, please read the instructions.
Reports from the surveys
  • Reports will be made available to instructors, by email, approximately three weeks after the date for all final grades to be posted for a term/semester. Please see the relevant academic calendar for the final grades date.
  • Access the publicly available reports here.

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