About the Survey

This survey (School of Education Dean Survey) is confidential. Answers are tied to identifying information, but only for the purpose of ensuring that reminder emails are not sent to respondents, that no person can do the survey multiple times, and that only those invited can answer the survey. Contact information is imported into the survey system (Cvent), and the system randomly assigns a response code. Emails are sent to everyone on the contact list, with a unique link tied to the response code. Advancing past the first page of the survey (not the welcome page) will result in the contact information for that person to be removed from the survey. The response code but no other identifying information will be connected to the response. The respondent can go back to their survey by clicking the link at any time before the survey is closed to complete their response. The only person with access to the response codes will be David Kaib in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, but response code information will never be used to identify individual responses. As soon as the survey is closed, all identifying information (i.e., the contact information for non-respondents and the response codes) will be deleted. Survey results provided by David Kaib to the Provost’s Office will not include any identifying information unless a respondent provides it in their comments. The Provost’s Office will provide a summary of the numerical results as well as a summary of the narrative comments (but no individual responses) to the dean.