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No-Cost Extensions

Occasionally, the completion of grant or contract work may require more time than originally specified. If no additional funds are necessary, a no-cost extension may be requested from the sponsor. The principal investigator must notify OSP in writing of the need for a no-cost extension at least 60 days prior to the project expiration date so that OSP may obtain the sponsor's approval.


Should significant funds require transfer from one object code to another, the project brief will be revised. The principal investigator must request such action from OSP in writing or via e-mail. If sponsor approval is required, OSP will obtain the approval before revising the project brief.

Change of Principal Investigator

During a sponsored project, circumstances may arise warranting the designation of a new principal investigator. The appointment can be made only with the approval of the department head, school or college dean, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research, and sponsor. The request for designation of a new principal investigator should state the reasons for such a change and include the curriculum vitae of the proposed principal investigator.

Transfer of Contract or Grant

From Another Institution

A faculty member coming from another institution may wish to transfer a sponsored project to the university. Such a transfer requires the approval of both the home institution and the sponsoring agency. To initiate the transfer process, a new or revised proposal is prepared and sent through OSP's normal routing process.

To Another Institution

A principal investigator who is transferring out of the university may wish to continue his or her sponsored project at a new institution. A request to transfer the unspent portion of the grant or contract must proceed through OSP, obtain the consent of the department head, the school or college dean, and the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research, and secure the approval of the sponsor.

The university may elect to retain the project; if so, a new principal investigator will be nominated to replace the individual leaving the university, following the process described above. Approved transfers occur only after a final accounting and release from the Accounting office, certifying the funds remaining and available for transfer.

Changes in Research Plan

Research shifts that create a redirection of the statement of work described in the original proposal must be discussed with the sponsor. The principal investigator must obtain the approval of the department head, the college dean, and the provost, and must send the sponsor a letter explaining the proposed change. If the change necessitates rebudgeting, the project brief — both the summary of agreement and the budget — must be revised and filed with OSP.

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