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In December 2014 and January 2015 (FY 2015), the Office of Sponsored Programs recorded the following grants for American University researchers.


PI: Michael Carroll   

Washington College of Law - Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property   

Title: Promoting International Development and Use of Open Educational Materials   

Sponsor: Open Society Foundations   

Funds: $80,000.00

PI: Cynthia Jones   

Washington College of Law - Dean's Office

Title: The Pretrial Racial Justice Initiative  

Sponsor: Public Welfare Foundation   

Funds: $75,000.00


PI: Daniel Fong   

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology   

Title: Thesis Support: Phylogeography of two subterranean amphipod species: the impact of phreatic and vadose habitats on gene flow   

Sponsor: Cave Conservancy of the Virginias   

Funds: $10,990.00

PI: Kathleen Franz   

College of Arts and Sciences - History   

Title: American Enterprise Exhibition     

Sponsor: Smithsonian Institution   

Funds: $20,100.00

PI: Christopher Palmer   

School of Communication - Center for Environmental Filmmaking   

Title: Marine Conservation Inititative 2015   

Sponsor: The Henry Foundation   

Funds: $2,500.00

PI: Robin Broad   

School of International Service - International Development   

Title: Responsible Gold-Mining Policy   

Sponsor: Voices for a Sustainable Future  

Funds: $24,668.00

PI: Leslye Orloff   

Washington College of Law - National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project    

Title: Improving Access to Justice for Immigrant Crime Victims: The Important Role of Legally Correct Information   

Sponsor: State Justice Institute   

Funds: $30,000.00

PI: Robert Goldman   

Washington College of Law - War Crimes Research Office   

Title: General Operating Budget 2015   

Sponsor: Open Society Foundations  

Funds: $150,000.00

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