RAC Program

The Research Administration Certificate Program for Administrators (RAC) is a comprehensive training and certification program designed to assist AU departmental and school/college level staff with research administration and/or grant/contract management responsibilities. The RAC program provides pertinent information to enable participants to effectively manage sponsored awards.

The RAC program consists of eight (8) consecutive sessions that will be offered throughout the academic year (Sept. – May). Each session lasts approximately two hours (depending on content). A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of all 8 RAC sessions and required quizzes.

RAC sessions available to take online

OSP uses Easy-LMS, e-Learning Software, to host RAC quizzes. Please click on a link below to access a specific quiz. The Powerpoint presentation for that specific RAC session is attached to the quiz.

RAC sessions for FY19 have ended. The schedule for FY20 will be posted soon. If you are new to AU and would like more information regarding the content of these sessions, please email osp@american.edu.

Online RAC Sessions

RAC sessions for Fall 2019 will be posted soon.