restart research

Research Continuity

With input from leaders across the university and in alignment with our AU Forward Health and Safety and Workforce plans, we share with you our roadmap for Restarting Research. This guidance provides recommendations for how AU researchers can operate this summer and in the 2020-2021 academic year and offers adaptable considerations to meet each researchers and research teams’ unique needs. Given the fluidity of the public health situation, please plan to remain updated on the most current information. This phased approach will require transparent, efficient, and equitable processes to ensure that the communities' health and safety are the highest priority. Each researcher should use the below checklist as a guide and consult with university guidance and unit administrators to determine the best way to proceed. The goal here is to provide uniform parameters and considerations that are specific enough to be actionable, but broad enough to be adaptable to each research team’s needs. Current research that does not require a presence on-campus or in off-campus space, including human subjects research that does not involve face-to-face contact, can and should continue.

All researchers that would like to return to campus create their teams and complete the checklist via SharePoint. Researchers should complete these forms at least two weeks prior to when they would like to return. The instructions below provide information in using SharePoint to submit your plans. 

Chairs, Deans and/or Deans Designees will review each research team’s plan for completeness and also related to overall occupancy in the unit, coordination in use of shared spaces, and administrative needs to enact the plan. The AU Forward Health and Safety Guidelines must be followed by all researchers, including faculty, staff, and students as we re-enter campus to engage in research. Faculty who are permitted to come to campus for research purposes pursuant to the process outlined below should not assume they are permitted to work on-campus for all purposes.