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You Got the Award! ... Now what?

Before an account can be created to access award funds, OSP and the PI will need to complete a few steps. 

  1. OSP will review the award notice to ensure that the scope of work and other programmatic/technical components, as proposed in the agreement, are acceptable.
  2. OSP will also determine if a start-up meeting with the project team (PI, research administrators, researchers) is necessary.
  3. PIs need to complete The Research Administration for the AU Investigator online course before an account number is established.

Do I need a start-up meeting?

To ensure proper administration and institutional compliance with sponsored awards, the Office of Sponsor Programs (OSP) has established new criteria for determining when Project/Award Start-up meetings will be required.

Effective September 3, 2012, Project/Award Start-Up meetings will be required when one (or combination) of the following applies:

  • The project is a first award to the Principal Investigator (PI)
  • The PI, Grant & Contract Accounting, Research Compliance, Vice Provost or Dean has requested the meeting.
  • When the sponsored award contains any of the following conditions:

Cost Share Commitments/Requirements

Effort reporting frequency differs from institutional policy

Special space requirements: when the project calls for leased space, off-campus space, private/project office space, etc.

Special Risk and Compliance Matters: involving human subjects, animals, biological material, export control considerations, foreign travel to known countries of risk, etc.

Special Publication Conditions: prior review, special acknowledgment, use of name/logo, etc.

Intellectual Property: where terms, though consistent with university policy, are unique or atypical.

Atypical project reporting requirements: technical, financial, supporting documentation, etc.

Awards requiring project activity/expenses to be tracked and reported separately.  

Unusual Budget Restrictions (including special re-budget prior approval requirements).

Use of Subcontractors/Consultants when proposed payment or deliverable schedule will potentially impact AU's performance and/or payment obligation to Subcontractor/Consultant.

Other special terms and conditions governing PI's responsibility, project administration, and/or institutional compliance.

While the impact of the above new criteria may reduce the number of Project/Award Start-up meetings, the primary purpose for establishing the new criteria is to ensure a thorough understanding of select special terms and conditions governing the award, and special responsibilities of the Principal Investigator (PI) and/or American University.

As per the current process, the Project/Award Start-up meeting will be conducted prior to the start of the sponsored project/award activities.