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Student Evaluation of Course and Teaching Effectiveness

Attached below are the optional items that faculty may add to the student evaluation of course teaching and effectiveness. Items 101-164 are related to student development. Items 201-258 are related to instructor ratings. Items 301-506 are related to course elements.

Student Development

Knowledge and Skills
101   I learned a good deal of factual material in this course.
102   I learned to identify main points and central issues in this field.
103   I gained a good understanding of concepts and principles in this field.
104   I developed an understanding of the ethical issues in this field.
105   I learned what perspectives on race, class, gender and culture add to this field.
106   I learned to apply principles from this course to new situations.
107   I improved my ability to identify and analyze problems.
108   I learned to evaluate the quality of work in this field.
109   I developed the ability to evaluate new work in this field.
110   I developed the ability to give appropriate evaluations of other students' work.
111   I developed the ability to solve real problems in this field.
112   I improved my research skills in this course.
113   I developed the ability to carry out original research about this subject.
114   I developed the ability to communicate clearly about this subject.
115   I improved my writing skills in this course.
116   I improved my quantitative reasoning skills in this course.
117   I improved my organizational and time management skills in this course.
118   I learned to identify formal characteristics of work in this field.
119   I improved the level of my skills in the physical activity of this course.
120   I developed creative ability in this course.
121   I gained a broader understanding of my major by taking this course.

Interests and Curiosity
131   I deepened my interest in the subject matter of this course.
132   I developed enthusiasm about the course material.
133   I was stimulated to do outside reading about the course material.
134   I was stimulated to discuss related topics outside of class.
135   I developed plans to take additional related courses.

Social Skills and Attitudes
141   I learned to participate actively in class discussion.
142   I participated in a study-group for this course.
143   I developed leadership skills in this class.
144   I developed greater awareness of societal problems.
145   I became interested in community projects related to the course.
146   I learned to value my own viewpoints.
147   I learned to consider the viewpoints of my colleagues in this class.
148   I reconsidered some of my former attitudes.

151   I gained a better understanding of myself through this class.
152   I increased my awareness of my own interests and talents.
153   I gained an understanding of some of my personal concerns.
154   I developed a greater sense of personal responsibility.
155   I developed confidence in myself.

Professional Skills and Attitudes
161   I was introduced to important professional perspectives by guest lecturers.
162   I developed the specialized skills needed by professionals in this field.
163   I learned about career opportunities.
164   I developed a clearer sense of professional identity.

Instructor Ratings

Instructor Skills
201   The instructor speaks clearly and can be heard without difficulty.
202   The instructor presents material at a reasonable pace—not too fast, not too slow—and is not repetitive.
203   The instructor makes good use of examples and illustrations.
204   The instructor stresses important points in lectures or discussions.
205   The instructor teaches near the class level.
206   The instructor presents material in an interesting way.
207   The instructor presents recent developments in the field to the class.
208   The instructor seems knowledgeable in many areas.
209   The instructor is enthusiastic.
210   The instructor seems to enjoy teaching.
211   The instructor is respected by the students in this class.
212   The instructor is skillful in observing and responding to students' reactions.
213   The instructor keeps the class's attention.
214   The instructor is not confused by unexpected questions.
215   The instructor is sensitive to student difficulty with course work.
216   The instructor encourages students to think independently.

221   The instructor has a good sense of humor.
222   The instructor is flexible.
223   The instructor maintains an atmosphere of good feeling in the class.
224   The instructor acknowledges all questions insofar as possible.
225   The instructor is tolerant of other viewpoints.
226   The instructor treats students with respect.
227   The instructor encourages constructive criticism.
228   The instructor gives attention to students in the course.
229   The instructor is willing to meet with and help students outside of class.

231   Students frequently volunteer their own opinions
232   One real strength of this course is the classroom discussion.
233   Students in this course are free to disagree and ask questions.
234   Class discussion is not dominated by a few vocal students.
235   The amount of time devoted to discussion in class is just about right.
236   Students in this course are encouraged to work together outside of class.
237   There are clear policies for how group projects should be carried out.
238   The classroom contributions of other students enhanced my learning.
239   The class size was about right, not too large and not too small.
240   The mix of students (undergraduate and graduate) enhanced my learning.
241   The mix of students (freshmen through seniors) enhanced my learning.
242   The presence of graduate students was constructive for my learning.
243   The presence of undergraduate students did not impede the achievement of my own, graduate-level goals.

245   The instructor suggests specific ways students can improve.
246   The instructor tells students when they have done particularly well.
247   The instructor keeps students informed of their progress.

251   The instructor follows the course plan presented in the syllabus.
252   The instructor seems well-prepared for each class.
253   The instructor follows a lecture outline closely.
254   The instructor makes student reports a valuable part of the course.
255   The instructor makes guest lectures a valuable addition to the course.
256   The instructor provides a variety of learning situations and materials.
257   The instructor uses class time productively.
258   The instructor was punctual—started and ended class on time.

Course Elements

301   The course syllabus accurately describes the course.
302   The course objectives/learning goals are clearly explained.
303   The work required for the course is accurately described.
304   The grading system is clearly defined.
305   There was a clear distinction between requirements and expectations for undergraduate and graduate students.

Reading Assignments
311   Reading assignments seem designed to promote the goals of the course.
312   Reading assignments are interesting and stimulating.
313   Reading assignments make students think.
314   Reading assignments require a reasonable amount of time and effort.
315   Reading assignments are relevant to what is presented in class.
316   Reserve reading assignments are reasonable; the materials are on reserve.

321   The textbook makes a valuable contribution to this course.
322   The textbook is easy to read and understand.
323   The textbook presents various sides of issues.
324   A textbook would be a useful addition to this course.
325   A copy of the textbook is available on reserve.

Written Assignments (papers, problem sets, etc.)
331   Written assignments seem designed to promote the goals of this course.
332   Written assignments are interesting and stimulating.
333   Written assignments make students think.
334   Directions for written assignments are clear and specific.
335   Written assignments require a reasonable amount of time and effort.
336   Written assignments are relevant to what is presented in class.
337   Written assignments are graded fairly.
338   Written assignments are returned promptly.
339   Comments on written assignments are helpful in suggesting how to improve.

Laboratory Assignments (for science and other comparable courses)
341   The laboratory was a valuable part of this course.
342   Laboratory assignments seem carefully chosen.
343   Laboratory assignments are interesting and stimulating.
344   Laboratory assignments make students think.
345   Directions for laboratory assignments are clear and specific.
346   Laboratory assignments require a reasonable amount of time and effort.
347   Laboratory assignments are relevant to what is presented in class.
348   Laboratory reports are graded fairly.
349   Laboratory reports are returned promptly.

Experiential Learning Activities (for studio work, site visits, field work and observation, film-making, photography, interviews, etc.)
351   The experiential learning is a valuable part of this course.
352   The experiential learning activities seem carefully chosen.
353   The experiential learning activities are interesting and stimulating.
354   The experiential learning activities make students think.
355   Directions for the experiential learning activities are clear and specific.
356   The experiential learning activities require a reasonable amount of time and effort.
357   The experiential learning activities are relevant to what is presented in class.
358   The experiential learning activities are graded fairly.
359   The opportunity for group discussion of experiential learning is valuable.

Discussion Sections
361   The discussion section is a valuable part of this course.
362   The discussion section is a great help to learning.
363   There is ample opportunity to ask questions in this discussion section.
364   The discussion section clarifies lecture material.
365   The discussion section extends coverage of lecture topics.
366   Students get individual attention in the discussion section.

Teaching Assistants
371   My TA plans class activities in detail.
372   My TA appears to have a thorough knowledge of the subject of the course.
373   My TA gives clear and understandable explanations.
374   My TA is skillful in observing and responding to students' reactions.
375   My TA tells students when they have done a particularly good job.
376   In my TA's section, students volunteer their own opinions.
377   My TA asks for more than students can get done in the time available.
378   My TA sets high standards for students.
379   My TA consistently adheres to the standards set by the instructor.
380   My TA grades student work (papers, exams, homework) fairly.
381   My TA is readily available during scheduled office hours.
382   My TA has a positive attitude towards students.
383   My TA is enthusiastic.
384   My TA cooperates with and complements the instructor.
385   My TA is an integral part of this course.
386   My TA is a valuable part of this course.

Media (films, videos, slides, audiotapes, etc.)
391   Media are a valuable part of this course.
392   Media used in this course are interesting and stimulating.
393   Media used in this course are a great help to learning.
394   There is an appropriate balance between media used in the classroom and media students are expected to use outside of class.
395   Appropriate media would be a valuable addition to this course.
396   There is adequate opportunity to discuss the media used in this class.

Computer-Assisted Instruction and Learning
401   The course introduced me to computer applications in the field.
402   The course developed my programming skills.
403   The course developed my data analysis skills.
404   The course developed my word processing skills.
405   The course introduced me to ethical issues related to uses of computers.
406   The computer-aided instruction helps to individualize learning for me.
407   The computer-aided instruction makes students think critically.
408   The computer-aided instruction is a valuable part of this course.
409   There is adequate opportunity to get help with computer assignments.

411   Examinations cover the important aspects of this course.
412   Examinations cover the reading assignments well.
413   Examinations cover the lecture material well.
414   Examinations are creative and require original thought.
415   Examinations are reasonable in length and difficulty.
416   Examination items are clearly worded.
417   Examinations are returned in a reasonable amount of time.
418   Examinations are graded carefully and fairly.
419   Test items are adequately explained after a test is given.

421   My background knowledge provided adequate preparation for this course.
422   The amount of work required is appropriate for the credit received.
423   The amount of work required is appropriate for the level of the course.
424   The amount of material covered in the course is reasonable.
425 The difficulty of the material is appropriate for the level of the course.
426   The instructor sets high standards for students.
427   The instructor has made the course difficult enough to be interesting.
428   This course challenged my abilities.

441   Grades are assigned fairly and impartially.
442   The grading system was clearly explained.
443   Clear standards of evaluation were set for class participation.
444   Clear standards of evaluation were set for group projects.
445   The instructor's willingness to consider improvement over the semester helped me to learn more in this class.
446   The opportunity to revise/rewrite helped me to learn more in this class.
447   The instructor has a realistic definition of good performance.
448   Students who have done truly superior work in this course earn appreciably higher grades than those who have done satisfactory work.

Classroom Facilities
501   The classroom was the right size for the course.
502   The classroom was comfortable.
503   The classroom was well-equipped for this course.
504   The classroom was conducive to class discussion.
505   The classroom was suitable for taking tests and examinations.
506   The equipment needed for the classroom was in good working order.