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AMST-296 Selected Topics:Non-Recurring Course Level: Undergraduate

Selected Topics: Non-Recurring (1-6) Topics vary by section. Repeatable for credit with different topic.

Term: Fall 2018 Regular Term
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: Asian American Experiences
Asian American Experiences (3) This course introduces the interdisciplinary studies and conceptual ideas in Asian American studies. Students survey the various dimensions of Asian American experiences including social images, status and positionality, languages, immigration law, history, literature, and arts. Students gain an understanding of the current multicultural society experiencing unique features of Asian Americans' life and cultures. Meets with ASIA-296 002.
Term: Spring 2018 Regular Term
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: Superheroes & American Society
Superheroes and American Society (3) Superhero comics emerged in the 1930s from pulp fiction to reflect on Americans' desire for security, order, and control. During the following decades, comic superheroes conquered movie and TV screens, but continued to project the desires of generations, as well as the ideologies prevalent in American society. This course discusses how the superhero genre has examined foreign policy, war, gender, race, and change in the past and present.