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ANTH-637 Discourse, Text, and Voice (3)

Course Level: Graduate

Topics vary by section, may be repeated for credit with different topic. This seminar reviews current approaches to studies of narrative and conversation, and the insights into social location, ideology, and claims to power which such studies disclose. Usually offered every spring. Prerequisite: graduate standing in anthropology or permission of instructor.

ANTH-637 002
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Graduate
Section Title: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Space
Language practices are fundamental to the ways race, gender, and sexuality operate in societies. Space, or the ways that geographic worlds are imagined and discursively reproduced, often shows evidence of ideological investments in certain notions of race, gender, and sexuality. For example, the word "immigration" is about geographical movement, but within most contexts it is also heavily laden with issues of race or ethnicity, and national borders. Similarly, phrases like "a woman's place" is as much about the way certain spaces are imagined, as they are about the particular bodies meant to inhabit those spaces. This class surveys ethnographic and discursive approaches to the study of race, gender, and sexuality that use or rely on issues of space or space-making as their points of entry. In so doing, students develop critical insights into how analyses of discourse, text, and voice can lend themselves to deep consideration of the geographical (or spatial) dimensions of race, gender, and sexuality within various contexts.