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CAS-151 LEAD Seminar II Course Level: Undergraduate

LEAD Seminar II (1) Students continue their examination of leadership and ethical development through the study of leadership theory and practice and ethics. This study is grounded in cohort-based learning, with weekly opportunities in issue groups to practice and reflect upon what is learned in class seminar discussions. Students share and apply their developing knowledge to their intended fields of study, as they learn from each other and expand their understanding of leadership and ethics. Usually Offered: spring. Grading: A-F only. Prerequisite: CAS-150. Restriction: Leadership and Ethical Development (Undergraduate Certificate). Registration not allowed in both CAS-151 and CAS-152. Note: Students may not receive credit toward a degree for both CAS-151 and CAS-152.

Term: Spring 2019 Semester
Course Level: Undergraduate