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GNED-110 General Education Area 1 Topic (1-3)

Course Level: Undergraduate

Special topics offered periodically for General Education credit in Foundational Area 1.

GNED-110 001
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: Creativity and Communication at Work
This course explores the intersection of business, communication, and creativity, which is the nexus where innovative entrepreneurship occurs. Students read and discuss nonfiction essays on the science and theory of creativity, experiment with the creative writing process, as well as learn techniques in story-telling and story-boarding, and then consider how the process of developing creative works can feed into the composition of seemingly-dry and mundane materials such as memos, reports, and emails. Additionally, the course examines the creative side of presentations, which are a cornerstone of the workplace. Designed for students who might not think of themselves as artistic, this course seeks to nurture, explore, and educate students' imaginations to prepare them to succeed in a business or workplace environment.
GNED-110 N02S
Term: SUMMER 2016
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: