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HIST-120 Imperialism in History FA3 (3) Course Level: Undergraduate

Imperialism in History FA3 (3) This course traces the history of modern imperialism and resistance to it. It includes the nature of colonial rule, the rise of modern nationalism and post colonial states, and the political, social, religious, cultural, demographic, environmental, economic, and intellectual revolutions that produced and were produced by the rise of modern empires. Usually Offered: fall and spring.

HIST-120   Course Level: Undergraduate

Empires Past and Present FA3 (3) Explores specific social, economic, and political conditions that have informed constructions of empires, with special emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Examines the relationship between ideas and institutions of empire as well as experiences of populations in the periphery and/or the metropole. Habits of Mind: Socio-Historical Inquiry. Usually Offered: fall and spring.