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HIST-500 Studies in History Course Level: 500-LEVEL Course

Studies in History (3) Topics vary by section. Rotating topics in early modern European history, European colonialism in the Caribbean, nineteenth and twentieth century European studies, Russian and Soviet studies, American political, social, and cultural studies, and American diplomatic and military studies. Usually Offered: fall and spring. Repeatable for credit with different topic.

Term: Fall 2018 Regular Term
Course Level: 500-LEVEL Course
Section Title: Russian Revolutions
Russian Revolutions (3) This course examines the Russian revolutions (1905-1930s). These revolutions transformed Russia and had a major impact throughout the world. The course views events from several different points of view.
Term: Spring 2018 Regular Term
Course Level: 500-LEVEL Course
Section Title: Recent American Hist 1945-1970
Recent American History: 1945-1970 (3) The world, and America's role in it, changed dramatically in 1945 with the victory over Germany and Japan, the death of Franklin Roosevelt, the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the early tensions with the Soviet Union that would erupt into a dangerous Cold War. Making extensive use of Hollywood films, contemporary fiction and memoirs, in addition to books by historians and other scholars, this course traces those changes as well as aspects of American life that remained largely unaffected over the next quarter century. Topics include the Cold War at home and abroad; film and society; the nuclear arms race; McCarthyism; the changing role of women; the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the rise of the military-industrial complex; suburbanization and consumerism; the black liberation, women's rights, anti-nuclear, and gay rights movements; the CIA's secret wars; the New Left and 1960s counterculture; the persistence and resurgence of conservatism; and American society, culture, sexuality, media, and politics, broadly construed.