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IBUS-496 Selected Topics:Non-Recurring Course Level: Undergraduate

Selected Topics: Non-Recurring (1-6) Topics vary by section. Repeatable for credit with different topic.

Term: Fall 2018 Regular Term
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: Blockchain in Global Economy
Blockchain in the Global Economy (3) This course provides students with a better understanding, through experiential learning, of blockchain application and implementation in different organizations with a focus on the global digital ecosystem. The course explores the implications of this technology for different types of organizations such as governments, multinationals, international development organizations, and other institutions, etc. Topics include blockchain fundamentals, the value proposition to different stakeholders, centralization versus decentralization, barriers to implementation, and the impact of blockchain on existing business and supply chain structures. Meets with IBUS-696 001.
Term: Spring 2018 Regular Term
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: Islamic Capital Mrkts & Sukuk
Islamic Capital Markets and Sukuk (3) This course covers Islamic capital markets, exploring its main principles and instruments with a focus on sukuk, one of the most important Islamic finance investment vehicles. A brief survey of the Islamic equity markets is followed by a discussion of the regulations covering that sector in a sample of countries well-known for their Islamic finance activities. Aside from explaining the process of making conventional stocks suitable for sharia compliance, the course covers fund management including recent developments in Islamic capital markets. Meets with FIN-496 003 FIN-685 003 IBUS-696 001.