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PSYC-597 Topics in Psychology Course Level: 500-LEVEL Course

Topics in Psychology (3) Topics vary by section. Each section is an intensive course in a specialized area of psychology. Repeatable for credit with different topic. Permission: instructor.

Term: Fall 2018 Regular Term
Course Level: 500-LEVEL Course
Section Title: Personality Disorders
Personality Disorders (3) Provides an in-depth examination of personality disorders and dysfunction. Topics include psychopathological profiles of the different personality disorders, debate over the existing classification system, issues with comorbidity between personality disorders and Axis I disorders, and treatment of personality dysfunction. Specific focus is given to borderline and antisocial personality disorder and the course includes an overview of dialectical behavior therapy.
Term: Spring 2019 Semester
Course Level: 500-LEVEL Course
Section Title: The Emotional Brain
The Emotional Brain (3) This course provides the foundation for understanding both the brain and the concept of emotion. Students explore and evaluate classic and recent work examining the neurobiological, behavioral, and cognitive processes underlying emotion-related phenomena. Course material covers basics about the brain and how it works, focusing on the neural systems involved in affective behavior and experience. This course also serves as a primer on the theoretical bases and special methodological nature of the scientific study of emotion. Topics include happiness, sadness, empathy, fear, stress, and emotional perception, as well as the emotional aspects of synesthesia, love, morality, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and autism.