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SIS-638 Selected Topics in International Development Skills (1)

Course Level: Graduate

Topics vary by section, may be repeated for credit with different topic. Introduction to a specific technique or approach currently used in the international development field, focusing on project planning, community development, action research, or another similar area. Usually offered every term. May be taken pass/fail only.

SIS-638 001
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Graduate
Section Title: Accounting Comes Alive for Development Practitioners
This course looks at the principles of accounting, finance, and business and their application to the development environment. Using the graphical Color Accounting learning system, the course establishes a logical and linguistic foundation for accounting. With a solid reporting framework in place, case studies of real business situations are examined. Students learn to use balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements to analyze the performance of reporting entities. The challenges of financial management and control are explored, along with practices for auditing and mitigating those challenges. The key issues of generally-accepted accounting practice are covered, along with abuses thereof so that the students can test the veracity of information they receive.
SIS-638 002
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Graduate
Section Title: Network Analysis: Theory, Practice, and Application in Development
This interactive skills institute introduces students to Network Analysis, a tool which in recent years has become widely referenced within donor project solicitations and applied in research and development projects to map, analyze, assess and monitor system change. The course provides both visual and mathematical analysis of relationships in a system. It has been used by project implementers, researchers, and M&E specialists to identify roles and interactions between actors in a system, critical leverage points; structural gaps, bottlenecks, strengths and deficiencies in the flow of information, knowledge and resources. Students are introduced to systems theory, and network analysis theory, concepts and metrics. Students gain basic skills in mapping and analyzing networks using two network analysis software programs, NodeXL and ORA, and explore applications in existing research and development projects. The course culminates with students applying knowledge gained by designing a solution to a USAID project solicitation.
SIS-638 003
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Graduate
Section Title: Budgeting for Development
A basic understanding of how the U.S. government's budget, through the allocation of foreign aid, is managed to address international development challenges such as literacy, maternal and child health, good governance, clean water, and food security, is needed to understand how international development works. At a more practical level to work on any development project requires an understanding of how to build, manage and report on a budget. In this course, students learn the overall framework for how funding is allocated to the US Agency for Internal Development (USAID), how priorities are set, and how funds make their way to the USAID Mission managing resources at the country level. The course follows the program process within USAID as a guide to understanding how the budget flows down to individual projects and how NGO and for profit implementers use budgets to deliver assistance on the ground. Students learn the fundamentals of how to construct a budget, be introduced to budget monitoring methodologies, as well as get hands-on experience in basic budget forecasting and standard budget reporting.
SIS-638 005
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Graduate
Section Title: Data Analytics for Financial Inclusion