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SIS-645 International Communication and Cultural Policy (3) Course Level: Graduate

International Communication and Cultural Policy (3) Designed for students and professionals in communication and culture, media, creative arts, public policy and international affairs, this course explores some of the most important areas of national, comparative and international policy shaping communication and culture in the twenty-first century. Students develop policy expertise for use in areas such as press freedoms, media and film policy; Internet policy, new digital media policy, and Internet censorship; intellectual property rights and foreign policy related to trade in cultural products and service; and constitutional rights of freedom of expression in comparative context. Particular emphasis is given to national arts policy and cultural policies that protect cultural rights of minorities; promote production and dissemination of new creative arts; preserve the national heritage in cultural traditions, national endowments and museums; construct and define national and cultural identity; support and subsidize national cultural industries; apply cultural content quotas; design and implement language policy; and defend cultural sovereignty. Usually Offered: spring.