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SIS-896 Selected Topics: Non-Recurring (1-6)

Course Level: Graduate

Topics vary by section, may be repeated for credit with different topic. Prerequisite: admission to PhD program.

SIS-896 002
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Graduate
Section Title: Advanced International Relations Theory
This course examines works of and approaches to international theory that go beyond the Anglophone mainstream to incorporate a variety of alternate perspectives. Topics include feminist, post-colonial, post-structural, and post-modern theory, along with critical examinations of international relations as a field.
SIS-896 001
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Graduate
Section Title: Political Choice and Strategy in International Affairs
This course introduces the techniques of game theory through methodological instruction, reading prominent scholarly articles using formal models, and applying the tools to substantive research projects. Game theory is, essentially, the precise study of strategic interaction: how actors make choices trying to achieve their goals, taking into account the expected behavior of other actors doing the same. Models specify assumptions about the relevant actors involved, the interests they are pursuing, the opportunities available to them, the constraints they face, and the information environment in which choices are made. These models are then used to generate predictions about behavior and outcomes using solution concepts that specify how actors can achieve their best outcome possible, given the circumstances. In addition to, in fact more useful than, the precise prediction, model results yield comparative statics that suggest how outcomes are likely to change or be different as circumstances or assumptions change. These patterns then inform theory building and empirical testing.
SIS-896 003
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Graduate
Section Title: Policy Analysis for International Affairs
This course provides an introduction to the theoretical foundations of policy analysis as well as its use as a method of inquiry.