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SISU-296 Selected Topics:Non-Recurring Course Level: Undergraduate

Selected Topics: Non-Recurring (1-6) Topics vary by section. Repeatable for credit with different topic.

Term: Spring 2019 Semester
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: Malcolm X and Human Rights
Malcolm X and Human Rights (3) This course examines the global concept of human rights through the life and thought of Malcolm X. Meets with HIST-296 003.
Term: Spring 2019 Semester
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: Conquest, Cold War, Globaliztn
Conquest, Cold War, Globalization (3) This course explores Latin America with a deep focus on the ties that bind the region to global politics, trade, and conflict. To understand the region's present political, economic, and cultural development and global significance, the course maps the continuums and ruptures between three pivotal epochs: the conquest of the "New World" and the colonial system that developed in its wake; the Cold War and Latin America's place in it; and Latin America in the present age of "hyper-globalization." Because the United States has and continues to exercise particular influence over life in Latin American societies--and vice versa--particular attention is paid to this relationship and its consequences. The course studies local, national, and regional dynamics with an eye for how they connect to transnational processes to answer questions such as how Cold War geopolitics impacted Latin American political conflict; what the War on Drugs looks like in Guatemala; and how U.S. immigration politics affect Mexico's economy, among others.