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SPAN-705 Sem: Spanish & Latin Amer Stds Course Level: Graduate

Seminar in Spanish and Latin American Studies (3) Topics vary by section. Rotating topics include Latin American thought; language research, translation, and pedagogy technology; and Cuba in Latin America. Usually Offered: fall and spring. Repeatable for credit with different topic. Restriction: Spanish: Latin American Studies (MA).

Term: Fall 2018 Regular Term
Course Level: Graduate
Section Title: Hispanics in the U.S.
Hispanics in the United States (3) This course offers a critical analysis of Hispanic cultures in the United States from a cultural studies perspective. The focus is on the relationship between Latin America and the United States, the construction of Hispanic and Latino identities based on categorizations of race, ethnicity, class, sex, and gender; and labor and migration patterns. Taught in Spanish.
Term: Spring 2018 Regular Term
Course Level: Graduate
Section Title: Indigenous Peoples of Latin Am
Indigenous Peoples of Latin America (3) This course explores the different and diverse indigenous cultures of Latin America from an historical perspective, such as Aymara and Quechua (Andean region); Mayan (Southern Mexico and Guatemala); Mapuche (Chile); Guarani (Paraguay); and Nahuatl (Mexico). Course materials include film, literature, testimonials, textiles, music, and dance.