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Welcome to the American University Transfer Articulation Equivalency Site

  • This site is designed to provide a tool to prospective students who wish to understand how courses from a two year institution may equate to courses offered by American University (AU).
    • Please note: only two year institutions are available on this site.
  • The database includes previously evaluated transfer courses to AU. We are constantly updating course equivalency data and you may need to provide a syllabus for a course.
  • The articulation database does not display upper division external courses (i.e. courses at or above the 300 level). If an external course is a lower division course (i.e. a course at the 100 or 200 level) and it does not appear, then it has not yet been considered for articulation.
  • Courses that are articulated to 'ELEC' represent elective credit. ELEC articulations may be used toward elective credit in an undergraduate degree program at American University.
  • For more information about AU’s transfer credit guidelines, please use the following link: Transfer Credit Guidelines
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