Apply to be an AUx2 Instructor

Randa Serhan, AUx Instructor and Assistant Professor of Sociology, facilitating her AUx class

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How To Express Interest:

We invite full-time and adjunct faculty members to teach in the AUx2 program; this can be done on-load or on overload. Faculty will need permission of their department chair/division director and associate dean in order to teach in the program.

Full-time staff members are also invited to teach in the AUx2 program. Staff will need to be eligible to receive an adjunct appointment and will also need permission of their direct supervisor to teach in the program.

If you are a faculty member or staff member who is interested in this opportunity, please submit a statement of interest to Izzi Stern, AUx Program Manager at

Read the Spring 2020 AUx2 Instructor Position Description here.