AU’s Capstone requirement is a 3-credit course designed to be offered in the major. The purpose of a Capstone course is to provide students an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions gained through coursework in the Core, coursework in the major, and other experiences at AU.

Completing the Capstone Requirement

  •  Students satisfy the Capstone requirement by completing an appropriately designated, in-residence course with a grade of “C” or better.
  • A Capstone course may concurrently satisfy other appropriately designated AU Core, major, minor, or certificate requirements.

Click here to view a list of courses that satisfy the Capstone requirement, as well as the other requirements of the AU Core.


  1. Application 

Build on prior knowledge, skills, or dispositions in a new context. 

  1. Synthesis 

Identify and execute a significant project that addresses a substantive disciplinary or professional concern.  

  1. Reflection 

Articulate the knowledge, skills, or dispositions gained during the student’s undergraduate education or used in the project.  

Major-Designated Capstone Courses

Some Academic Programs have designated specific courses that simultaneously satisfy a major requirement and the Capstone requirement. That information is collected in the table below. If a program does not list a course, then a student may select (in consultation with their academic advisor) from any approved Capstone course.

Capstone Guidance by Academic Program