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Quantitative Literacy

The AU Core includes a two-part Quantitative Literacy requirement that aims to prepare students for an increasingly quantitative and data-dense world. Students in Quantitative Literacy I (Q1) will have the opportunity to strengthen their mathematical or statistical skills. In Quantitative Literacy II (Q2), students will continue to practice and refine their quantitative skills, but they will do so usually in the context of a particular discipline.

Quantitative Literacy I (Q1)

Students may satisfy the Quantitative Literacy (Q1) requirement by:

  • Completing an appropriately designated Quantitative Literacy I course with a grade of C or better.
  • Students with transfer credit may also satisfy the Quantitative Literacy I requirement by presenting 3 credit hours from an AG rated collegiate institution of articulated credit equivalent to a Quantitative Literacy I course.

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Quantitative Literacy I (Q1)

  1. Students will solve quantitative problems including approaches that go beyond memorized procedures.
  2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of mathematical relationships from multiple perspectives, such as functions from graphical, verbal, numerical, and analytic points of view.

Quantitative Literacy II

Q2 courses should add depth or otherwise extend instructional outcomes from Q1 courses. In a Q2 course offered within an academic department or school the goals of instruction would likely stress applications within a discipline or specialization. Although most majors will designate a specific course or courses in the major as a required Q2, any Q2 may be applied toward the university's graduation requirement.

Students may satisfy the Quantitative Literacy II (Q2) requirement by completing an appropriately designated Quantitative Literacy II course with a grade of "C" or better.

  • Q2 courses may count towards AU Core and a major/minor requirement.

  • A single course cannot be used to satisfy both Q1 and Q2.

  • Brand new or revised courses get added each semester. Refer to the drop-down menu for the appropriate semester to learn what’s been added or confirm which courses can be used to satisfy the Q2 requirement. Prior iterations of approved courses will not satisfy the requirement.

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Quantitative Literacy II (Q2)

  1. Translate real-world questions or intellectual inquiries into quantitative frameworks.
  2. Select and apply appropriate quantitative methods or reasoning.
  3. Draw appropriate insights from the application of a quantitative framework.
  4. Explain quantitative reasoning and insights using appropriate forms of representation so that others could replicate the findings.

Major-Designated Q2 Courses 

Some Academic Programs have designated specific courses that simultaneously satisfy a major requirement and the Q2 requirement, while other academic programs have included one or more Q2 courses as options students may complete to satisfy major electives. That information is collected in the table below.
If a program does not list a course, then a student may select (in consultation with their academic advisor) any approved Q2 course. A list of courses that students without a major designated Q2 can use to satisfy the requirement is included below the table.

If your program does not list a designated Q2 course, you can use any of the following to satisfy the requirement:

  • CSC-121
  • CSC-124
  • ENVS-454
  • ENVS-455
  • ENVS-460
  • ENVS-485
  • LIT-204
  • PHIL-200
  • PHYS-200
  • PHYS-326
  • SOCY-275