Completing Core Requirements Abroad

Students may apply up to two courses on an approved AU Abroad program towards Habits of Mind, Quantitative Reasoning II (Q2), Written Communication and Information Literacy II (W2), and Diversity and Equity (DIV) requirements, provided the courses have been appropriately designated by the Office of the University Registrar. The current list of approved courses includes:

Approved Courses
Requirement Course Title Program
Creative-Aesthetic Inquiry ARTH-255 Art History of the World Regions Spain: Clashes & Alliances of Mediterranean Civilizations; Madrid Business; Mediterranean Art History (Summer)
Cultural Inquiry RUIR-1805 and RUIR-1808 Introduction to Anthropology and Sociology for Global Studies Japan: Ritsumeikan University (SIS)
Diversity & Equity (DIV RUIR-2231 and RUIR-2232 Japanese Culture & Cultural Awareness and Communication Japan: Ritsumeikan University (SIS)
Socio-Historical Inquiry RUIR-1806 and RUIR-1807 Modern World History and Politics for Global Studies Japan: Ritsumeikan University (SIS)
Written Communication & Information Literacy II (W2) RUIR-1301, RUIR-2302, and RUIR-3303 Introductory Seminar II, Global Studies Research, & Advanced Seminar (Research Methods) Japan: Ritsumeikan University (SIS)
Quantitative Literacy II (W2) HLTH-340 Fundamentals of Epidemiology Kenya: Public Health

Approval Process

The AU Core Committee would like to build a larger selection of courses, which is where you come in: If you plan to study abroad in Academic Year 2020-2021 or 2021-2022 and want to satisfy one Core requirement with a course that’s not listed above, you can help the Core Committee determine whether a course taken abroad should be added to the list for other students in future semesters and you can earn Core credit in the process—simply by sharing your learning experience in the course.

Is this for me?

  • Do you plan to study abroad in AY 2020-2021 or 2021-2022?
  • Have you met with your academic advisor and concluded that completing one Habit of Mind, W2, Q2, or DIV course abroad fits with your academic planning?
  • Have you met with an AU Abroad advisor and are considering a course that’s not on the list above?

What am I expected to do?

…before I leave:

…while in country:

  • Collect course materials. Keep copies of the syllabus and all work (and their instructions) completed for the course, including essays, presentations, homework, discussion posts, and tests when possible.
  • Pass the course with a C or better.

…when I return:

  • Turn in your course materials.
  • Write a brief 1-2 page reflection, which addresses the ways the course did or did not accomplish the relevant AU Core learning outcomes.

If I do everything above, then what?

  • You earn Core credit, even if you concluded that the course didn’t accomplish the AU Core learning outcomes.
  • Faculty will use the materials you shared to review the course and determine whether it should be added to the list of approved courses for future students.