Undergraduate Studies | About the Pre-Registration Planner

Welcome to the Pre-Registration Planner

The Pre-Registration Planner is an online tool that all new first-year students complete in order to register for courses in the Fall. The planner introduces university requirements, the General Education program, and course recommendations based on intended majors. 

In addition, the planner gathers important information from students that directly aids academic advisors to provide specific and personalized feedback about intended first-semester schedules.

Pre-Registration Planner Instructions

You will receive an email from your academic advisor or advising team alerting you that Pre-Registration Planner is ready. At that time, you will be able to log into the student portal at myau.american.edu. Once logged in, click on the following links in order to start the planner:

Academics -> Personalized Links -> Online Pre-Registration Planner

Please note that by entering courses in the Pre-Registration Planner, you are only submitting your class choices for review and approval by your academic advisor; you are NOT yet officially registered for courses. Your advisor will inform you when you are cleared to register for your course selections. Only then can you access the online registration system and officially register for courses.

Pre-Registration Planner Timeline

Students admitted under Early Decision can access the Pre-Registration Planner on Monday, May 11th. All Early Decision students should complete the planner by Friday, May 22nd.

Students admitted under Regular Decision can access the Pre-Registration Planner beginning on Monday, May 18th. All Regular Decision students should complete the planner by Monday, June 1st. 

Don't delay! Planners are reviewed in the order they are received, so complete yours as soon as you are alerted by your advisor to access the link. While advisors will accept planners after June 1st, it is highly recommended that you complete and submit yours right away.

Pre-Registration Planner Resources

Your academic advisor or advising team is your best resource regarding all aspects of the registration process. Please be sure to contact them directly with any questions you have. In addition:

  • The schedule worksheet is a template on which you can write in courses to see how potential schedules might work and is a great resource to help plan your selections.
  • The recommended course schedules (available Monday, May 11) are first semester course selection samples that are designed for specific majors, including options for second majors. Even if you have not yet declared a major or are undecided about your academic path, there are recommended schedules that provide an array of options for your first semester.
  • Some students bring in college credit by examinations. If you earned credit through AP, IB or other exams, please contact an academic advisor for equivalencies.
  • The Schedule of Classes contains a list of classes offered during a particular term. Click here for instructions on how to to use the schedule.
  • When you have received approval from your Academic Advisor to register for courses, review the instructions on how to register for courses.

Pre-Registration Planner: A Note about Waitlists

If you choose to waitlist for a section of a course, please read the Automated Waitlist Process instructions very carefully and contact your academic advisor with any questions. Here are some factors to consider when you decide to use the waitlist:

  • You must check your AU email everyday, including holidays and weekends, for notification from the Registrar that your waitlisted section is available. If you miss your opportunity to register for a waitlisted section, your only option to get into the course is to add yourself back to the waitlist.
  • Also, the waitlist should only be used AFTER you have already registered for a full-time load of 12 credits or more.
  • Finally, if you plan to register for an alternative section of a course while also using the waitlist for your preferred section, you must register for the alternative section FIRST. If you were to add yourself to the waitlist and then register for the alternative section, you would be dropped from the waitlist because the registration system believes you are successfully registered for the course.