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Transferring Credit to AU

How will courses from your institution transfer to AU?

Here are some terms that will be useful in understanding how credit transfers to AU:

Transferable Course:
Transferable courses meet the requirements for transfer as defined in our Transfer Credit Guidelines. These are courses that are eligible for credit at AU. For example, a course is transferable if it is from an AG-rated institution and is not remedial or technical/vocational, and is at least a C or higher; a course that received a C- would not be transferable.
When a transferable course is given credit at AU, the Articulation is how the course appears on the AU transcript (a course equivalent or elective, as discussed below). For example, a transfer course HS-101 may have the articulation HIST-101.

AU Equivalent Credit means that the course taken at another institution has an equivalent at American University. Equivalency is defined as meeting the same standards as an AU course, including similar scope, content, rigor, and "seat time" (credit hours).

For example, your course EN-100 may have an AU equivalent of WRTG-101

Elective Credit:
Elective Credit means that the course taken at another institution does not have an equivalent at American University; the course will count as elective credit, either in an academic subject (ex. COMM-1** is elective credit in Communications; ARTH-1** is elective credit in Art History) or as a university "free" elective (ex. ELEC-1**).
Elective Credit as GenEd:

This means your external course will count as elective credit at AU, but it may also be used towards the General Education requirement. These courses will appear on your AU degree with a prefix indicating the GenEd area to which they may be applied.

For example, a History course (HST-103) may be equivalent to elective credit in History but may also meet the spirit of a GenEd in Area 2: Traditions that Shape the Western World. The course would appear as WWHI-150 (WW stands for "Western World" and "HI" stands for "History"). You can work with your academic advisor to learn more about these types of equivalencies.

For more information about how specific types of courses will transfer, visit the links below:

Transfer Guides

The guides below will assist prospective transfer students in planning their transfer to AU. These guides are meant for students transferring to AU through the traditional method, as opposed to under a guaranteed admission agreement. Please note that these documents do not include every course from your institution which is available for transfer to AU, nor do they list every course available for completion of an AU degree. Rather, these guides provide requirements for the General Education program and for specific degrees at AU which may be satisfied through coursework at various institutions. Please consult an academic advisor at your current institution for all decisions about course enrollment.

Note: these guides will be updated periodically, however, please check the Transfer Equivalency Database regularly to view the most up to date articulations.

General Education Program Transfer Guides

  • Daytona College
  • Howard Community College
  • Miami Dade College
  • Montgomery College
  • Northern Virginia Community College

College Writing Requirement Transfer Guides

  • Montgomery College

Mathematics Requirement Transfer Guides

  • Daytona State
  • Howard Community College

Degree Specific Transfer Guides

  • Montgomery College - BA in International Relations