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Create IMLeagues Account

  1. Visit

  2. All participants must create an account on IMLeagues and be on their team’s roster by the roster addition deadline.

  3. Create an account using your American University email address (,

  4. Activate your account using the activation email sent by IMLeagues.

  5. You will automatically join the American University Portal. If you are within another school portal, search for "American University" using the "Schools" link.

Create a Team or Join as an Individual

  1.  After logging into you IMLeagues account, you may select the sport in which you would wish to play.
  2. Within the sport, select the League in which you wish to compete.
    Open League: For participants who compete as either Man or Woman. There are no requirements on a gender ratio.
    Co-rec League: For participants who compete as either Man or Woman. Each sport may have a requirement on a specific gender ration, or rules regarding participation.
    Women’s League: For participants who compete as Woman.

  3. Within the league, select the Division in which you wish to compete. The division will typically indicate the specific times in your games would be scheduled. Signing up for a division is a commitment to playing games at the indicated times.
    E.G. The Wednesday 5pm-7pm division will have their games schedule at either 5pm, or 6pm on Wednesdays.

  4. You may either:
    Create a Team: You will act as the teams Captain and can invite teammates using the “Invite Members” link on the team page. Those invited players must successfully join your team to be eligible.
    Join a Team: You don’t have to wait for an invite. Some team may indicate “Free Agents Wanted”, or you would like a join a team of your friends. Use the “Create/Join Team” button to send a request to that teams Captain. They must accept for you to appear on the roster.
    Free Agency: You may list yourself as a Free Agent within a division or league. Members will be able to view the Free Agent list when looking for additional players.
    Note: Be a proactive Free Agent. Post information about yourself and request to join teams who appear to have low roster numbers.


  1. Your team’s registration is NOT complete until you have submitted your registration fee. All registration fees must be submitted before the posted registration deadline. Teams who are unsuccessful in paying their fee will be moved to the Wait Listed Division and are not guaranteed to be scheduled for any games.
  2. Registration is first come, first serve. Some divisions fill up faster than others. Teams will be accepted in the order in which they submit their payment.

  3. Payment will not be accepted unless the team meets the minimum roster requirements of the given sport.

  4. All payments must be made at the Office of Recreational Sports located in Room G-03 of the Bender Arena. You may access it through the Jacobs Fitness Center and going downstairs. Remember to bring your AU ID.

  5. Payments can be made using cash, credit, check (made to Intramural Sports), or Eagle Bucks.