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Rec of the Month

We are honored to have been highlighted as the Rec of the Month by Campus Rec Magazine. Check out the article here!


Current and Upcoming Events

Each year, RecFit holds a variety of special events. We know that this year our events may look a bit different, but we are still excited for what the year holds. Check out some of our upcoming events and programs below!

Recent Past Events

We provide a mix of programming types - from single day, come-and-go events, to month-long educational programs. Traditionally, we kickoff the year with our biggest event, Late Night at the Rec! Early each semester we lead a series of "Women on Weights" workshops. And during finals week, we hold pop-up relaxation events across campus.

We also partner with organizations across campus to promote health and wellness awareness both in person and virtually.

For a better glimpse into RecFit, check out the information below on some of the events we have hosted recently!

Women on Weights: Beginner

BEGINNER: Wednesday 5:30-6:30p || February 3, 10, 17, 24 

Microsoft Teams (link provided at registration)
Women in weightroom

The Women on Weights: Beginner program is designed to help women learn basic knowledge of the benefits of strength training, program design, proper technique, correct warm up and cool down activities, and exercise myths. In addition to the education component, there will be exercise portions led by our certified peronsal trainers. 

Connect with other women that are beginning their fitness journey. Leave this program feeling more confident, comfortable, and knowledgeable in a gym setting. 

Women on Weights: Intermediate

INTERMEDIATE: Mondays 5:30-6:30p || February 1, 8, 15, 22 

Microsoft Teams (link provided at registration)
Women in weightroom

The Intermediate program is designed to expand on basic knowledge of the benefits of strength training. Some topics that will be discussed are basic anatomy and muscular function, exercise progressions, corrective/rehabilitation training, and nutritional myths. In addition to the education component there will also be exercise led programs by our certified personal trainers each session. 

The Women on Weights: Intermediate program builds on the knowledge learned in the Beginner program. We encourage you to participate in the Beginner program prior to participating in the Intermediate program but it is not required. 

Looking to Collaborate?

If you are a student group looking to co-sponsor an event, please contact Chris Nasti at