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2013-2014 PhD Research Award Recipients

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The following PhD candidates have received funding from the Office of the Provost to carry out their student research projects during the upcoming academic year. We wish them much success as they complete their research.

College of Arts & Sciences

Nina Connolly - Psychology
"Role of D4 Receptors of the Pre-frontal Cortex in Executive Functioning"

Brian D'Haeseleer - History
"From the Jungles to the Mountains: The American Experience in El Salvador, 1979-1992."

Cynthia Goode - Anthropology
"Emancipation and African-American Consumption Patterns in the Great Dismal Swamp"

Jesse Hutchison - Psychology
"Beliefs about Automatic Mood Regulation: Engagement in Sad Experiences, Emotional Reactivity, and Task Performance."

Charneka Lane - Anthropology
"'Quaring' the Black Queer Scene: Black Queer Women Discursively and Materially Constructing Social Space in Washington, DC."

Erica Munkwitz - History
"Leicestershires of India: How Women's Horse Sports in the Empie Changed Britain."

Joyce Oates - Psychology
"Relative Distinctiveness Moderates Face Recognition Bias."

Joowon Park - Anthropology
"Belonging to a House Divided: Violence and Citizenship in the Resettlement of North Koreans to South Korea."

Susan Perlman - History
"Coming in from the Cold: Harry Truman, American Intelligence, and Cold War France."

Allen Pietrobon - History
"Norman Cousins: Public Intellectual, Anti-Nuclear Activist, Citizen Diplomat."

Greg Seymour - Economics
"Three Essays on Empowerment: Issues of Time Poverty, Masculinity, and Agricultural Productivity."

School of International Service

Katherine Collin
"Peacemaking Referendums: Building Consensus for State Transformation."

Namalie Jayasinghe
"The Gendered Impact of Natural Disasters:Narratives of Vulnerability and Resilience in Sri Lanka."

Sonja Kelly
"Banking the Bottom Billion: Why Financial Inclusion Policy and Why Now?"

Edward Lucas
"Counter-Piracy:British Efforts to Suppress Maritime Piracy in South China in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries."

Ela Rossmiller
"Lustration and the Politics of Memory and Identity in Poland, 1989-2009."

Efe Sevin
"From Vikings and Janissaries to the 21st Century: Swedish and Turkish Public Dipolmacy as a Foreign Policy Instrument."

Nicholas Smith
"Why Variance Matters: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Microcredit Impact Evaluation."

School Of Communication

Jan Boyles
"When the Newsprint Fades: How News Ecosystems Fulfill Critical Information Needs in Reduced-Capacity Newspaper Communities."

Lucy Odigie
"Voices from the Margin: Analyzing the Role of Digital Communication in Creating Spaces of Empowerment, Identity, and Community for West African Immigrant Domestic Workers."

School of Public Affairs

William Harder - Government
"The Administrative Governor and Party Strength: Independent Executives."

Jiaqi Liang - Public Administration
"Unmasking Covert Injustice; Minorities, Social Constructionism, and Environmental Enforcement in the United States."

Kathryn Quissell - Public Administration
"Stigma and Health Policymaking: AIDS and Tuberculosis Policy in South Africa."