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2013-2014 Faculty Research Support Grant Award Winners

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The Office of the Provost would like to recognize the recipients of the 2013-14 Faculty Research Support Grant. This funding will allow American University faculty scholars the opportunity to pursue valuable research projects in the coming year.

College of Arts and Science

Juliet Bellow

Rodin’s Dancers: Moving Toward the Limits of Sculpture

Victoria Connaughton, David Kearns, and Anthony Riley

Purchase and use of EthoVision Software to Determine the Effect of
Pre-Adult Exposure to Alcohol on Place Preference in Zebrafish


Stefano Costanzi
Development of a Systematic Method for the Assessment of the Accuracy of Computational Models of G Protein-coupled Receptors in Complex with their Modulators Through the Site-directed Mutagenesis


Jeremiah Dittmar
New Media, Business, Ideas, and Knowledge: Media Markets in the European Renaissance


Namiko Kunimoto
Performing Cultural Capital: Gender and Nation in Japanese Postwar Art


Michael Robinson
Measuring Ocean Winds from Space Using a Radar Satellite


Younghee Sheen
A Classroom- Based Pedagogical Approach to Improving Remedial ESL Instruction

Kogod School of Business

Valentina Bruno
The Financialization of Food

School of Communication

Carolyn Brown
The Salinas Project

Angie Chuang
American Otherness: Identities of Belonging and Alienation in the News Media

Gemma Puglisi
“Fight this Fight”

School of International Service

Carl LeVan
African State Legislatures: Subnational Politics and National Power


Simon Nicholson
The End of Fish 

School of Public Affairs

Todd Eisenstadt

Lawsuits for the Pacha Mama [Mother Earth] Indigenous Mobilizations, Environmental Impact Statements, and Battle for Ecuador’s Rainforests


Lewis Faulk
Understanding Grantseeking and Grantmaking Behavior


Matthew Wright
Can We All Just Get Along? Immigration and American Community in the 21st Century