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2016-17 Research Support Grant Winners 

Center for Latin American and Latino Studies

Eric Hershberg (PI)
Ernesto Castaneda
Noemi Enchautegui de Jesus
Project Title: Household Contexts and School Integration of Resettled Migrant Youth

College of Arts and Sciences

Terry Davidson (PI)
Kathleen DeCicco-Skinner
Sara Hargrave
Project Title: An In Vitro Model of Blood-Brain Barrier Function

Douglas Fox
Project Title: Citosan Depolymerization Using a New Chemical Method

Colin Saldanha (PI)
John Bracht
Kathryn Walters-Conte
Project Title: Genomics of Songbird Sex Determination

Bei Xiao
Project Title: The Role of Motion in Perception of Material Properties of Animated Cloth

Kogod School of Business

Valentina Bruno
Project Title: Trade and the Risk-Taking Channel of Currency Appreciation

School of Communication

Filippo Trevisan
Project Title: Wired Citizens or Digital Outcasts?

School of Public Affairs

Tricia Bacon (PI)
Joseph Young
Thomas Zeitzoff
Project Title: Winning Hearts and Minds or Preaching to the Choir? Gauging the Influence of Extremist Messaging & Counter-Messaging

Jan Leighley
Project Title: A Proposal to Study the Impact of Information and Emotions on Voter Turnover and Civic Engagement

School of International Service

Lauren Carruth
Project Title: Malnutrition, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, and Chronic Social Distress in the Somali Region of Ethiopia

Malini Ranganathan
Project Title: Urban Revolution? Anti-Corruption and Environmental Justice in India