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Training for the Animal Care and Use Program at American University

Appropriate training is required before any researcher may submit an animal research protocol or begin work with animals.

The IACUC has approved the following training methods.

Complete the "Working with the IACUC" set of modules on the CITI program website.

  • If you have never taken a CITI course at this or another institution, register for a new account. If you have registered through a different institution, you will have the option to add affiliation with American University. If you have completed other CITI courses, you have the option to add a new course from the curriculum selection screen.
  • When you register for the course, you must select to Affiliate with American University.
  • Be sure to select "no" for Human Subject Research and the Responsible Conduct of Research curriculum, unless otherwise directed by the Institutional Review Board or Research Compliance Office.
  • Select the box for the "Working with the IACUC" course, and any others as applicable.

Attend an on-campus training session

  • There are currently no on-campus training sessions scheduled.

Attend training at another institution

  • The IACUC may consider and accept training from other institutions.
  • You must provide documentation of the training such as a course syllabus and a grade report, or a completion certificate and list of curriculum.
  • The training must have occurred within the past three years.


If you have any questions regarding training required for the Animal Care and Use Program at American University, contact the Research Compliance office at 202-885-3447 or