You are here: AY 2018 Doctoral Research Scholarship Award Winners

The following list of Doctoral students have been chosen for an AY 2017-18 scholarship to support their research.

Marga Andersen
"Like Lions After Slumber: Challenges to Britishness by Jewish and Irish Immigrants in Late-Victorian London"

Paul Behringer
"U.S. and Japanese Intervention in the Russian Civil War: Violence and Barbarism in the Far East"

Kong F. Cheong
"Evolution of an African Entrepot: Strategies, Agency, Materiality, and Identity in the Making of the Swahili in the Indian Ocean World"

Laura Gibson
"It's Love That Counts: The History of Non-Nuclear Families in American Domestic Sitcoms between 1955 and 1990"

Ivan Grek
"Illiberal Civil Society in Russia, 1992-2000"

Hoching Jiang
"Beyond Racial and Sexual Marginalization: How to Be Gay Asian Men in Los Angeles"

Katherine Kitterman
"'No Ordinary Feelings': Mormon Women's Political Activism, 1870-1896"

Jeffrey Lawrence Levin
"Felix Warburg and Non-Zionist Involvement in the Hebrew University"

Pawel Piotr Styrna
"Nationalism, War, and Revolution: Polish-Russian Relations, 1904 – 1921"

John Villecco
"Why Trump? An Ethnography of Populism in the U.S. Rust Belt" 

Laura Bosco
"Contingent upon Contingents: Resolve and the Protection of Civilians in UN Peacekeeping Operations"

Tyler Evans
"Intra-rebel Violence in Turkey's Kurdish Insurgency"

Anne Julia Kantel
"Situating Legitimacy: Encounters between State-Based and Local Fisheries Lifeworlds in Uganda" 

Aras Coskuntuncel
"Networking Authoritarian Neoliberalism: Realigned Strategies of Information Control and Networked Protest in the Case of Turkey"

Dorian Hunter Davis
"Presidential Campaigns as Direct News Sources"

Nathalia Foditsch
"Blockchain: Competition and Standardization Tensions"

David Proper
"The LGBTQ Movement in the Post Marriage Equality Era: Navigating Mediation Opportunities and Challenges During a Time of Political Uncertainty and Change"

Fernanda Ribeiro Rosa
"Internet Gateways: A Sociotechnical Approach to Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)"

Arthur D. Soto-Vásquez

"Digital Mobilization of the Latino Youth Vote: Race, Identity, and Organization" 

Catherine Bampoky
"Implementing 'Travelling Models' in Senegal: Case Studies of Conditional Cash Transfers, User Fee Exemptions, and Performance-Based Financing"

Megan Doughty

"Race, Class and Domestic Violence in the US Child Protective Services"

Laura Daniela Stevens Leon

"Carbon-Pricing Policies: The Role of the 'Dirty' Industries in their Adoption and Design" 


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