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The Shrouded Narrative

, Kay Main Chapel

Updated 8/26/14

"The Shrouded Narrative will feature a list of eminent historians, authors, and investigators who have dedicated their lives to exploring explanations of world events that supplement, revise, or debunk commonly held beliefs about US Foreign Policy and the dynamics of global power. Some story lines are better known then others. Lectures will range in focus from the contemporary crises in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Iraq, to critical looks at new sociological phenomena like the “Transnational Corporate Class.” We will investigate Propaganda models and covert operations; death squads and plutocrats.

You are invited to come join in an all day event (or sections of it) that will foster critical thought and distribute information of astounding richness—come ready to think hard and learn much. To reclaim our critical analytic faculties we, as learners, must be familiar with marginalized and suppressed information. It is only through a recapture of the narrative that we may start to build a world-differently-imagined. Please take part in these beginnings of a Project for the Century of the Common Man."
Nuclear Studies Institute
Sam Kierstead

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