AY 2017 Doctoral Research Scholarship Award Winners

The following list of Doctoral students has been chosen from a select group of talented students who competed for the Academic Year 2016-2017 scholarship.

College of Arts and Sciences

Carly Clayman
Proposal Entitled:
"Ethanol and Caffeine Pre-Exposure Effects on Ethanol Reward-Seeking Behaviors"

Anila Maria D'Mello
Proposal Entitled:
"Cerebellar Contributions to Language in Autism: A Combined tDCS-fMRI Study"

Lauren Duval
Proposal Entitled:
"Landscapes of Allegiance: Space, Gender, and Military Occupation in the American Revolution"

Elizabeth Geglia
Proposal Entitled:
"Disrupting Democracy? An Ethnography of Governance, Territoriality, and Dispossession in Honduras' Emerging 'Model Cities'"

Rebecca Gibson
Proposal Entitled:
"'To Mold the Wax of the Bodice": An Examination of Changes in Skeletal Morphology Due to Corseting"

Jeanne Hanna
Proposal Entitled:
"Voting Right: Explaining Support for the UK Independence Party"

Laura Herron
Proposal Entitled:
"Does Daily Self-Compassion Increase Emotion Regulation Efficacy and Improve Mental Health?"

Rasheda Rawnak Khan
Proposal Entitled:
"Domination, Bargaining, or Control Over Their Lives: Exploring the Relationships Between Urban Poor and Authorities in Slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh"

Becca Peixotto
Proposal Entitled:
"Exploration and Archaeological Survey in the Great Dismal Swamp"

School of International Service

Kate Elliott Bynum
Proposal Entitled:
"(Kaba Ma Kyei Bu): Linking Emotion, Collective Memory and Movement Organizations Among Burma's 1988 Generation Student Activists, 1988-2015"

Jiajie He
Proposal Entitled:
"Self-Determination and Post-Imperial Nation Building: Why India, China and Burma Diverge?"

Abby Lindsay
Proposal Entitled:
"Science in Multi-Stakeholder Water Governance: Social Learning, Power, and Practice"

School of Communication

Kara Alessandra Andrade
Proposal Entitled:
"Plaza Pubica: Guatemala's 'Lab' for the Diffusion of News Innovations"

Olga Khrustaleva
Proposal Entitled:
"The Effects of Cuba-US Relations Normalization on Internet Expansion and Civil Society Empowerment in Cuba"

Katerina Matsa
Proposal Entitled:
"The Changing Greek Media System During the Financial Crisis: Media Bias & Contention in News Coverage"

School of Public Affairs

Samantha Guthrie
Proposal Entitled:
"He Said, They Did: Using Executive Rhetoric to Examine Interbranch Relationships"

Kenneth Leon
Proposal Entitled:
"A Sociological Analysis of Corruption, White Collar Crime, and Occupational Deviance in the Nightlife Economy"

Laura Stevens Leon
Proposal Entitled:
"Adoption and Implementation of Carbon-Pricing Policies: National and Subnational Schemes"

Belen Lowrey
Proposal Entitled:
"What is Respect? Citizen Ratings of Police Traffic Stop Communication"

Luciano Melo
Proposal Entitled:
"Democratic Enclaves in Non-Democratic Countries: Subnational Regime Survival in Russia and Venezuela"

Marcela Torres
Proposal Entitled:
"The Inevitable Link Between Prior Consultation and Resource Extraction in Latin America"


For more information about the Doctoral Student Research Scholarship Program go to http://www.american.edu/provost/grad/internal-funding.cfm or contact Anita Brown at abrown@american.edu.