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Institute Fellows Program

The Sine Institute Fellows will lead discussions and study sessions with students. Fellows will convene and participate in campus-wide events, collaborating with experts, faculty, and students to uncover new ways to inform cross-sectoral policy solutions.

Shaping the Future of Policy and Politics

A cornerstone of the Sine Institute is its Institute Fellows program. Each Spring semester, beginning with Spring 2019, the Institute will host six Fellows. Sine Institute Fellows will consist of innovative leaders in government, politics, journalism, nonprofits, and business. Fellows will have the ability to collaborate with renowned AU researchers and practitioners, as well as the most politically active students in the country, to uncover new policy solutions and problem-solving methods informed by evidence from the public, private, media, and nonprofit sectors. A Sine Institute Fellowship will provide you the space and resources to advance one or more policy solution, as well as a platform to share your work more broadly. Connections with AU Faculty, Institute Advisory Board Members and Fellows, and others you will meet through the program offer the potential to catapult your ideas forward.

Selection Process

Institute Fellows are selected via a Sine Institute selection committee. The online application process is open.

Sine Institute Student Associates

Each Sine Institute Fellow will be assigned student associates. These associates will assist the Fellow in designing, planning, organizing and executing their seminar series on campus. These students will be assigned certain roles to help the Fellow make sure their seminars are well publicized, attended, documented and an overall success.

Student Associates in turn will be able to work with an expert in a field they are interested in, build strong skills in organizing the work and build connections for future work in their field of interest. Students will be able to publicize their work and make this a part of their resume and CV for future engagement.

Fellows Associate Responsibilities (to be shared with other student associates) include:

  • Planning seminar content
  • Creating presentations for seminars
  • Producing materials for seminars
  • Outreach on Sine and AU social media
  • Outreach to media on campus
  • Outreach to student organizations and their leadership
  • Outreach to various schools and colleges
  • Outreach to residence halls
  • Leafletting for seminar events
  • Securing all logistics for each weekly seminar
  • Organizing office hours for the Fellows
  • Securing speaking roles for Fellows on campus (with student groups/classes, other forums)

Time commitment:
Associates are expected to dedicate 8 hours a week to Fellows to help them execute their programs. The Sine Institute realizes that students have many responsibilities on campus and engagement with Sine Fellows is expected to be rewarding, and fun and help to build a strong relationship with someone they admire. The experience is also designed to help associates with career development.



Please send questions to us regarding the Institute Fellows Program via email.

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Spring 2020 Fellows & Distinguished Lecturers Announced

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