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BTG in the Media, 2013

BTG in the Media

Tanisha Fazal: "Where Have All the Peace Treaties Gone?" The Global Observatory, November 14.

Stephen Kaplan: Opinion piece, "How the Debt Ceiling Threatens to Turn the U.S. into an Economic Turkey," Monkey Cage Blog, October 21.

Jarrod Hayes "Constructing National Security: U.S. Relations with India and China" Cambridge University Press, October 2013.

Jeff Colgan: Policy Brief, "Oil, Conflict, and U.S. National Interests” published by the Belfer Center at Harvard, Oct 2013.

Jeff Colgan: Opinion Piece, "40 Years after the oil crisis: Could it happen again?" Monkey Cage Blog, Oct 16.

Tana Johnson: Opinion Piece, "An Abdication of Global Governance? Why We Must Take a Closer Look at International Bureaucrats," Global Policy Blog, Sept 19.

Dawn Murphy: Interviewed on China's role in the Syrian crisis, The China Forum, Sept 22.

Bruce Jentleson: Cited in, "The Intervention of Least Resistance," Slate, Aug 30.

Dara Cohen: Featured in, "Social Scientists Seek New Ways to Influence Public Policy," Chronicle of Higher Education, Aug 30.

Kimberly Marten: Interviewed on U.S.-Russia Relations, Karen Finney's "Disrupt" show, MSNBC, Aug 11.

Kimberly Marten: Interviewed on U.S.-Russia Relations, "Ekho Nedelii," RTVi, Aug 9.

Kimberly Marten: Interviewed on U.S.-Russia Relations,"The Takeaway," WNYC's (NPR), Aug 8.

Kimberly Marten: Opinion Piece, “The Bane of Palestinian Fighting,” International Herald Tribune, July 26.

Jordan Tama: Quoted in, "Rand Paul’s suggestion he looks to Eisenhower for 'inspiration and guidance,'" Washington Post, July 24

David Blagden: Interviewed on the UK's nuclear review, BBC Radio, July 17.

David Blagden: Opinion Piece, "Reducing Britain's nuclear capability would be a grave mistake," The Guardian, July 12.

Ami Abou-bakr: Interviewed on, “Can you have a democratic coup?” BBC Today, July 4.

Lawrence Rubin: Interviewed on the situation in Egypt, NPR, July 3.

Kimberly Marten: Interviewed on Putin's decisions regarding the Snowden case, WYNC radio show, July 2.

Dawn Murphy: Testified before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on “China and the Middle East,” June 6.

Jeff Colgan: Cited in "Energy Journal: OPEC Keeps a Lid on Simmering Tensions,” Money Beat, May 31.

Jeff Colgan: Quoted in, “Energiewende "Made in America,” Deutsche Welle, May 31.

Sarah Bush: Quoted in "The US Democracy Project,” National Interest, May 1.

Jelena Subotic: Interviewed on the ongoing war crime trials at the Hague. BBC News, March 28. 

David Malet: Interviewed on the insurgency in Syria, SBS World News, March 20.

Joshua Busby and Jordan Tama: Article, "Congress is Already Post-Partisan : Agreement Across the Aisle on U.S. Foreign Policy,” Foreign Affairs, January 28.


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