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Worlds Apart, Worlds Together: Conflict, Culture, and Cooperation

Difference, particularly cultural difference, is the source of many conflicts in international relations. This course will explore conceptual components and theories of conflict, culture, and conflict resolution—with a special focus on the role that culture plays in both starting as well as resolving conflicts. An in-depth examination of contemporary international conflicts will be used as illustrative case-studies. The class will then bridge the gap between interpersonal, group, and international conflicts by exploring strategies of conflict resolution and cross-cultural understanding.  

Diplomacy and Dictators: U.S. Foreign Policy in an Uncertain World

How does the U.S. government confront dictators, maintain allies, and protect the nation from international threats to national security? This course will introduce the major departments, agencies, and actors within the government involved in foreign policy and national security. It will explore how they operate in the new strategic environment by considering major threats and issues facing the United States today, from terrorists to rogue states to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The course will also address the conflicting goals, agendas, and trade-offs present in any foreign and national security policy. Debating the range of policy options, students will explore how the U.S. might best act to enhance U.S. national security and international position.

"The best part of the program was being with people who share the same ideas as you."

- 2009 Community of Scholars Student

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"The program was really fantastic and so interesting. I learned a lot and finally met people who were as interested in foreign policy as I am."

- 2014 Community of Scholars Student


"Absolutely loved the classroom time."

- 2012 Community of Scholars Student


 “I had so much fun. My professor was so helpful and incredibly dedicated to teaching. He is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had. He has made me so excited for college.”

- 2010 Community of Scholars Student


“Thank you for all the planning and organizing…I enjoyed every second of it!”

- 2011 Community of Scholars Student