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Alumni Success Stories

Gerardo Talavera, SIS/MIS '15

Gerardo Talavera Gerardo Talavera

MIS Graduate uses diplomatic skills in his country's Foreign Relations Ministry.


Larissa Kougblenou-Siebens, SIS/MIS '15

Larissa Kougblenou-Siebens Larissa Kougblenou-Siebens

SIS Graduate has the opportunity to implement a pilot World Bank Project to increase awareness and use of eLearning (MOOCs) in Benin.


Julio Antonio Ubillús Ramírez, SIS/MIS '13

Julio Antonio Ubillús Ramírez Julio Antonio Ubillús Ramírez

An SIS graduate student from Peru brings his skills to his country's embassy in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Jesse Pruett, SIS/MIS '12

Jesse Pruett, SIS/MIS '12 Jesse Pruett, SIS/MIS '12

A MIS graduate uses his skills to mentor and develop the next generation.

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Ann Mangold, SIS/MIS '12

MIS Alumna Ann Mangold MIS Alumna Ann Mangold

Alumna’s fellowship allows her to make a difference through Federal service

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Jeremy Dastrup, SIS/MIS '11

Jeremy Dastrup, SIS/MIS '11 Jeremy Dastrup, SIS/MIS '11

MIS graduate serves and protects the United States by investigating criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threats throughout Southeast Asia

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Dylan Robinson, SIS/MIS '12

SIS MIS alumna Dylan Robinson SIS MIS alumna Dylan Robinson

Alumna uses her skills to promote sustainability and combat exploitation

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