Your support plays a vital role in fostering and preserving the SIS mission and empowers the next generation of leaders to recieve a human-centered, service-minded education. The generosity of our SIS community opens doors for our students, both in and out of the classroom. Thank you.


Through their generosity, SIS Global Leadership Society members further our mission of inclusivity by providing our students with funding for scholarshipsinternship opportunities, and study abroad experiences. None of these transformative experiences are possible, however, without the support of our alumni community. Alumni are an indispensable pillar to our success.

The collective support of the Global Leadership society advances the values core to our institution, creating a school that is more equitable, more accessible, and more innovative. Consider making your gift today.

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SIS Dean's Board of Advisors

The SIS Dean's Board of Advisors provides advice and support to the Dean of the School of International Service in accomplishing strategic goals for the school. All members of the SIS Board are leaders in their respective fields and serve as advocates and partners.

  • Christine BN Chin
    Dean, School of International Service
    American University
  • Alan Fleischmann, Chair, SIS/BA '87, SPA/BS '87
    Founder and President
    Laurel Strategies, Inc.
  • Dawn Miller, Vice Chair, SIS/BA '93
    Country President, Switzerland
  • Janice M. Abraham, SIS/BA '79, AU Trustee
    President and CEO
    United Educators Insurance
  • Alexandros Aldous, WCL/JD '05, SIS/MA '06
    General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
    The Chefs' Warehouse
  • Esther Benjamin, SIS/MA '92, CAS/MA '95
    CEO for Africa Operations
    Laureate Education, Inc.
  • Justin Cooper, SPA/BA '00
    Foxcroft Strategy Group, LLC
  • Akram Elias, SIS/MIS '14
    Capital Communications Group
  • Stephen C. Embry, SIS/BA '71
    Senior Partner
    Embry & Neusner
  • Fruzsina Harsanyi, SIS/BA '64, SIS/MA '67, SPA/PhD '72
    Harsanyi Consulting LLC
    Senior Adviser
    Public Affairs Council
  • Mehdi Heravi, SIS/PhD '67, AU Trustee
    Retired Professor
  • Frank Islam
    Chairman and CEO
    FI Investment Group, LLC
  • Dorothy A. Moore, CAS/MA '59, CAS/EdD '70
    Professor Emerita
    George Washington University
  • Sherry L. Mueller, SIS/BA '65
    President Emerita
    National Council for International Visitors
  • Ambassador Joan M. Plaisted, SIS/BA '67, SIS/MA '69
    Senior Adviser for Asia
    U.S. Mission to the United Nations
  • Marcy Owens Test, SIS/BA '89
    Senior Vice President
  • Cynthia Warshaw, SIS/BA '93
    International Trade Expert
  • Matthew Warshaw, SIS/BA '94
    Vice President
    D3 Systems, Inc.
  • Ho-I Wu, SIS/PhD '82
    Vice President
    Peace Technology, Inc.