Career advising begins long before you graduate.

Come see us early and often! From discussing your career goals to offering advice on networking and from first résumé review to mid-career strategy setting, we offer personalized support to help you pursue the career path that meets your goals, even as those goals change over time.

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Graduate Students

Schedule a 1-hour in-person, phone, or video chat appointment.

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Graduating Seniors & Alumni

Schedule a 30-minute or 1-hour in-person, phone, or video chat appointment.

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No-Show Policy for career appointments and events

Except in the case of sudden illness or emergency, when you schedule a career advising appointment or RSVP for a career event, we expect you to attend. By voluntarily signing up for an appointment or event, you accept the terms of the following No-Show Policy:

  • Accumulating three (3) no-shows to career appointments and events in one academic year will result in suspension of your access to these services. In order to regain access, you must meet with the Director of Career Education and Employer Relations to discuss your absences.

When you fail to cancel your RSVP in a timely fashion or simply do not show up, your actions reflect poorly on you as an individual, as well as on SIS as a whole. No-shows can leave employers with negative impressions of the school and limit recruiting opportunities for future students. No-shows can also hurt current students who would have filled the open spot had it been made available.