SIS Career Mentoring Program Academic Year 2023-2024

The SIS Career Mentoring Program is offered through the SIS Office of Career Development and connects students with alumni mentors for one academic year. Our volunteer mentors help students gain valuable career skills, learn how to create networks that support their goals, and move towards their next professional steps. This program is open to SIS sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Students and mentors do not need to be based in the DC area to participate. New applications are available each July and August to begin the program in September.

*Student applications have been extended to September 1st at noon. The final deadline for students to apply is Septemebr 1st by noon.

To be successful in the program, students and mentors should be prepared to engage with and learn career readiness competencies and skills, work towards shared goals and commitments together, and participate in all SIS Career Mentoring Program events and activities.

Contact Claudia Coscia with questions. Click here to meet this year's mentors.


Why join the SIS Career Mentoring Program?

Mentorship is a valuable tool to achieve career goals, become a better leader in your field, and simply enjoy your work more. This program offers the opportunity to gain a willing and supportive mentor in international affairs who can help you develop skills, navigate career opportunities effectively, and expand your professional network. 

By the end of the academic year, if you commit to this program, you should expect to :

  • Improve your skills in 8 key career competencies highly valued by employers
  • Progress in 1 to 3 career goals set out by you at the beginning of the program
  • Meet at least one new, relevant professional in your field
  • Have developed high quality personal career materials, including base resume and cover letter 

What is the commitment?

In order to be successful in the program, students should be prepared to:

  • Dedicate at least 5 hours per month to this program.
  • Meet/interact regularly with your mentor. Keep any commitments that are made, and communicate promptly and professionally if you need to make a change.
  • Identify your needs and expectations and discuss them with your mentor throughout the year.
  • Understand your mentor’s expectations of you and ask for clarification as needed.
  • Take initiative in the mentoring relationship, and be responsible for your own career development.
  • Ask questions and participate in conversations.
  • Be open to receiving constructive feedback and advice.
  • Keep your mentor informed of your progress throughout the year.
  • Accept and value one another’s differences.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor and positive attitude in all interactions.


  • SIS sophomores, juniors, or seniors (majors only) with a 3.0 GPA or higher may apply
  • SIS Master's students in good academic standing may apply
  • Students who are accepted to the program should demonstrate commitment to prompt and professional communication, thoughtful engagement with professional development goals, and initiative to create a meaningful professional relationship with your mentor.


Applications are open until September 1st, 2023 at 12pm noon. Late or partially completed applications will not be considered.

When filling out the application, you will need:

  1. An up-to-date LinkedIn profile
  2. Three mentor preferences. Click here to learn about this year's mentors.
  3. A personal statement (750 words) answering BOTH prompts below:
    • Prompt 1: In 500 words or less, describe why you chose each of your top three mentors and what you hope to learn from each of them. 
    • Prompt 2: In 250 words or less, describe how you think participating in the mentoring program will help you in achieving your career and life goals.

Please fill out this online application form to apply. If you need support or require accomodations to successfully apply, please contact Claudia Coscia ( with your question or request.

Successful applicants will demonstrate a clear understanding of their own professional development goals and their expectations for a career mentor.

Please be thoughtful with your response. It will be reviewed by the Assistant Director of Career Outreach and Programming and any mentors you ask to be matched with.

Please note, we match students with mentors based on shared interests, expectations, and goals. Unfortunately, spots are limited, and while we try to give as many students as possible the chance to participate, being matched with a mentor is not guaranteed.

Why become an SIS Career Mentor?

*Due to high volume of interest, we are no longer able to accept any more new mentors this year. Alumni can still express their interest in helping students with their career development by filling out this survey.

Mentorship is a crucial component to a well rounded education and meaningful career, and mentors are often some of the most influencial people in our lives. Think back to a mentor that you had (or still have!) and how their support has influenced your career and life. Joining the SIS Career Mentoring Program will allow you to not only give back to the SIS community, but to help build the foundations of a fellow Eagle to start off their career with a strong network of support and skills that will make them valuable contributors in their field.    

Mentors will be given guidance at the outset of the program to help them plan and execute an effective mentoring experience for their mentee. Mentors will be provided with all of SIS’s online career resources, suggested activities, and conversation starters for each month of the program, that work towards helping your student mentee achieve proficiency in important career readiness competencies -including critical thinking, leadership, and communication- as well as personal professional goals that they will set at the beginning of the program. Naturally, mentors are also encouraged to bring their own insights and offer any of their own suggested activities to help their student mentees grow professionally throughout the program.

With your support, your student mentee will have:

  • Improved skills in 8 key career competencies highly valued by employers
  • Progressed in 1 to 3 career goals that move their own professional path forward
  • Met at least one new relevant professional in your network
  • Have developed high quality personal career materials, including base resume and cover letter 


Mentors must be American University alumni. Current SIS graduate students who are interested in mentoring undergraduate students may also be cosidered on a case-by-case basis.

Alumni mentors are expected to offer five hours of mentorship each month for the entire academic school year (September - May).


Please fill out this survey to express interest in becoming an SIS Career Mentor this year.

Please contact Claudia Coscia if you have any questions.

2023 Meet and Greet

The SIS Career Mentoring Meet and Greet will be Friday, Sept. 15th, 2023. Mentees and mentors who are participating in-person will meet each other for the first time and you can connect with your mentoring cohort.