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Welcome to the Comparative and Regional Studies Program

Offered by the School of International Service, Comparative and Regional Studies allows students to explore an extraordinary diversity of issues in international affairs by combining comparative analysis and regional expertise with rigorous methodological training. This program provides a distinctive form of scholarly and practical education, which gives students the ability to apply advanced theoretical tools to a world region of which they have a deep, substantive knowledge. 

Recent CRS Publications

Dictators and Democracy in African Development by Carl LeVan

Carl LeVan

Dictators and Democracy in African Development: The Political Economy of Good Governance in Nigeria

(Cambridge University Press, 2014)

The End of American World Order by Amitav Acharya

Amitav Acharya

The End of American World Order

(Polity, 2014)

Police Power and Race Riots by Cathy Schneider

Cathy Lisa Schneider

Police Power and Race Riots: Urban Unrest in Paris and New York

(University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014)



Marianne Menius
Program Coordinator

(202) 885-1760

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