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Diversity & Inclusion Vision and Mission


The School of International Service at American University is a leader in attracting students from historically under-represented groups and in building an inclusive community that respects and values diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.



As a top ten school of international affairs, SIS is committed to creating a more diverse next generation of leaders in the field of international relations.

SIS pursues this mission through the following actions:

  • Actively recruiting students from historically under-represented groups through the creation of strategic partnerships and pipelines
  • Creating a network, SIS Connections, that invites all members of the SIS community to collaborate creatively in pooling the community's resources toward the goal of expanding professional pathways of historically under-represented students
  • Preparing all students to successfully engage with a wide variety of people, ideas, cultures, and traditions
  • Fostering a climate of relationship building and support to create an increasingly inclusive community among all who work and study at SIS


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SIS Diversity Exploring Identities Action Feet

SIS Connections is a network that expands pathways of historically underrepresented students and creates a more inclusive community.

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