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SIS Advisory Council on Diversity & Inclusion

Purpose of the Advisory Council

The SIS Advisory Council brings together students, staff, faculty, and administrators to ensure that diversity and inclusion initiatives in the School of International Service are holistic and responsive to the needs of the community.

Current Members of the Advisory Council

  • Rebecca Coughlin, Council Chair; Director, SIS Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives; Assoc. Dir. Graduate Enrollment Management
  • Ubah Aden, Undergraduate Advisor
  • Mona Ahmed, Graduate Student
  • Samssa Ali, Program Coordinator, Pakistan Women's Council
  • Stephanie Block, Associate Director, Alumni Relations
  • Philip Brenner, Program Director for U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security; Professor
  • Terra Gargano, Professorial Lecturer; Faculty Advisor for Online Programs
  • Maria Kowalski, SIS Undergraduate Student
  • Nanette Levinson, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • Bintu Musa, Graduate Assistant for Diversity & Inclusion; Graduate Student
  • Curtis O' Neal, Graduate Student
  • Sarah Riley, Program Coordinator for U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security
  • Amanda Taylor, Program Director for Intercultural and International Communication; Professorial Lecturer
  • Trisha Thomas, Senior Administrative Assistant for Graduate Enrollment Management
  • Priyanka Vakil, Graduate Student Council Representative; Graduate Student
  • Linnisa Wahid, SIS/MA'04 Alumni representative
  • Eugene Walton, Professorial Lecturer
  • James Goldgeier, Dean

The Dean serves as an ex officio member of the SIS Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion.

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