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The French American Global Forum

The United Nations at Seventy:
Is Global Governance Broken?

French American Global Forum

Tuesday, Dec. 3
7:00 p.m.

Abramson Family Founders Room
SIS Building
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Global food and energy shortages, climate change, terrorism, nuclear threats, the collapse of the international financial system, and other modern afflictions threaten the very existence of future generations. Every nation in the world is affected by these challenges. Clearly, a concerted effort on a universal scale is called for.

The United Nations seems to be the best forum to address these issues. But is the UN capable of managing the new global challenges? Is the system of global governance that was built after World War II still relevant? What is the role of other groupings like the G20, or regional organizations such as the European Union? What will global governance look like in the future?

As the United Nations celebrates its 70th anniversary, Le Monde Diplomatique Debates will explore these questions.

Introduction by:
Romuald Sciora, President, French-American Global Forum


  • David Bosco, Assistant Professor of International Politics, School of International Service.
  • François Rivasseau, Minister and Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the United States
  • Anne-Cecile Robert, Director, International Editions of Le Monde Diplomatique
  • Moderated by James Goldgeier, Dean, School of International Service


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