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Photograph of Jong Eun Lee

Jong Eun Lee Adjunct Instructor School of International Service

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Current PhD Candidate, American University, SIS

MPhil, International Relations, American University, SIS

MA, Political Science, Fordham University

BA, Magna Cum Laude, Political Science,  American University, SPA

Jong Eun Lee is an adjunct faculty at American University School of International Service.

He teaches range of undergraduate and graduate courses including Modern and Contemporary East Asian History, US Foreign Policy Institutions,  Theories of Foreign Policy Decision-makings, Global Security and Conflict Resolution.

Jong Eun Lee is also a research fellow at North Korea Development Institute,a South Korea-based think thank run made North Korean defector academics.

Jong Eun Lee has reviously served as South Korean Air Force Intelligence Officer from 2011-2014.

Lee's research specialty includes U.S. foreign policy, South Korean politics and foreign policy, alliance management, East Asian regional security.
He has published articles in The Diplomat, National Interest, Responsible Statecraft, East Asia Forum, Eurasia Review, and The Korea Times. 
He has been interviewed by the Newsweek (US), Liberation (France), and Expresso (Portugal) on the contemporary political and security issues in Northeast Asia.


"US Mediation Failure in the Chinese Civil War: Using Prospect Theory and Asymmetrical Negotiations to explain the Alliance Restraint Disequilibrium", ISA-NE Regional Conference, November 2017.

“To Comply or To Not Comply: Explaining the ROK's Noncompliance with US-led Armistice Talks during the Korean War,” AU Annual PH.D. Tri-School Conference, March 2021

“Resisting Allied Coercion; Why the Small States Defy their Great Power Allies in War: A Case Study from the Korean War,” Midwest Political Science Association Conference, April 2022

“What the next South Korean President can learn from Moon’s diplomatic challenge”, The Diplomat. July 7, 2021.

"Afghanistan’s Collapse Is a Rude Awakening for South Korea", The National Interest. Aug. 26, 2021.

"South Korea’s Presidential Candidates Offer Contrasting Visions for Foreign Policy”, The National Interest. Nov.9, 2021

“What South Korea can learn from India on Diplomatic Balancing”. The Diplomat. Dec.22, 2021.

"Could a Korean-style Armistice End the Russia-Ukraine War?" The National Interest. May 12, 2022.

"Learning to Live with a Nuclear North Korea" The Diplomat.  June 21, 2022.

"Will the Russian People Defeat Putin’s War Machine?" The National Interest. Sep.28, 2022.

"How the two Koreas use the Ukraine war against each other" Responsible Statecraft. Jan.9, 2023


Fall 2022

  • SISU-210 Peace, Global Sec & Conflt Res

Spring 2023

  • SISU-210 Peace, Global Sec & Conflt Res