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Photograph of James Nathan

James Nathan Sr Adjunct Professorial Lecturer School of International Service

James A Nathan is a former Foreign Service Officer and the Khalid Bin Sultan Inaugural Eminent Scholar Emeritus at Auburn University. He is the author of seven books and is widely published in Foreign Affairs, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. He has won several literary prizes, a number of Senior Distinguished Fulbrights, was a NATO Fellow, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

For the Media
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Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Selected Publications


Soldiers Statecraft and History, (Praeger, Greenwood Publishing Group), 2003

Anatomy of The Cuban Missile Crisis, (NY: Greenwood, 2001)

The United States Foreign Policy and World Order, (co-­authored), (Little, Brown & Co.) First edition, 1976; Second edition, 1981; Third revised edition, 1985; Fourth (extensively) revised edition, 1989. Fifth edition, under contract

Foreign Policy Making and The American Political System (co-authored), 1983; Second Revised Edition, (NY: Harper Collins), 1987 Third (extensively) revised [Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Un. Press], 1994

The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited, (Ed.)(New York, St. Martin's Press), 1992

The Future of United States Naval Power, (Co-­authored), (Bloomington, Indiana University Press), 1979


”2000 ELECTION.” [With Charles Tien] Hong Kong, US Consulate, June 2000

“The 1986 Election: Congress, the Defense Budget, and the Future of the Army, "Carlisle Barracks: Strategic Studies Institute of the Army War College, June 1987

"Diplomacy, Law, and International Order," Center for Advanced Research, Naval War College Press, 1979

"International Education in a Global Age,"(co-authored), National Council For Social Studies, 1975


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